Booster Traffic Alternate Machine – PHP Script Download

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Booster is a Traffic Alternate Machine enables users to create parts by visiting other web sites robotically , And users can additionally create parts by sharing hyperlinks on facebook and twitter

Consumer Valuable parts

Particular person 1 Valuable parts
E-mail :
Pass : pass@123

Particular person 2 Valuable parts
E-mail :
Pass : pass@123

Admin Valuable parts


Traffic Alternate

Traffic Alternate is a automatic surfing tool which permits users to seek the advice of with every other sites robotically and create parts .

Social Alternate

Social Alternate has a improved sharing mechanism whereby a user can create parts by sharing other user hyperlinks .


A user can refer other user and would possibly create parts per referral

Functions Transfer

A user can e ready to switch some about of parts to other user

Functions Withdraw

A user can convert his parts into money and expect for withdrawal


Stripe and paypal are constructed-in in picture to address payments

How does it in level of fact works ?

After registering on booster a user wishes so that you just would per chance add a web web page .At the start a user will maintain 100 parts in his legend when other user visits his web page the parts will be deducted .So the users scandalous visits every other web sites in picture to magnify parts .

How Traffic Alternate Session Works ?

A user perfect settle on to click on on originate session button and enable pop u.s.and relax the traffic change session will robotically start other web sites on a recurring interval of 30 seconds and the user parts will be robotically elevated .

Can I Dangle shut Functions

Certain you would per chance also derive parts the expend of settle on parts portion . There are varied build of pricing alternatives available .

What is Top rate Membership

A free user can add most of three web sites if a user wishes so that you just would per chance add unlimited web sites they need derive top class membership.

Set up

Set up is free

Latest Update

A Particular hyperlink would possibly additionally very properly be shared as soon as a day

Administrator can location limit on hyperlink sharing

Separate portion for transfers , Now a user and admin can glimpse the history of transfers completed

Separate portion for withdrawals, Now a user and admin can glimpse the history of withdrawals completed

Activities portion included in admin panel , Every and each exercise of a user will be shown



Commerce log

Added Rapid Links (Now Fraction Links And Accomplish Functions)
Replace app , sources folder.
Procure a brand novel column short_link in web sites desk (varchar 255).

Replace app , public/js , database , sources folder.

Replace app ,database , sources folder.
Add novel tables test your database the tables which now not exist add them
Earn tables from right here

Top rate Membership Mounted
Replace app/Repositories/WebsiteRepository.php

At the side of Internet sites and delete user worm fastened (Valuable)
Replace app Folder

Authentication Mounted (Valuable)
Replace appHttpMiddlewareAdminAuth.php

POPUP Mounted (Valuable)
Replace publicjssupply.js

Manual Alternate Added
Replace app , sources folders

Multi language Added (On expect we are including languages)
Replace app , sources folders

Manual Alternate and Media Alternate worm fix
Replace /app/http/controllers/videocontroller and Replace /sources/views/video.blade.php and manual_exchange.blade.php

Replace app and sources folders , Moreover speed repeat “php artisan migrate” the expend of SSH


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