Caledonian PRO PHP Tournament Calendar – Download

Author: thunderfuryPrice: $29

Demonstration & Administration

Wait on-terminate look for: http://caledonian.artlantis.gain/admin/
Demo Front-terminate views: http://caledonian.artlantis.gain/demo/










Fat Aspects

  • Multi-language
  • Two-stage admnistration
  • Responsive
  • Bootstrap supported
  • Import (iCalendar)
  • Tournament Icon & Colors
  • Upcoming Events
  • Tournament Copier
  • RSS Feed
  • Tournament Half Buttons (AddThis)
  • Fling Posts to One more User (User Removing)
  • Widgets
    • Fat Calendar
    • Mini Calendar
    • Upcoming Events (Ajax & Iframe)
    • This present day’s Events (Ajax & Iframe)
    • Navbar Notices (Bootstrap, Sound and Animated)
    • Pop-up Grasp (Lightbox)
    • Tournament Lister (With Pagination)
  • API
    • Add
    • Take
    • List


  • PHP Version 5.4+
  • MySQLi Extension
  • Curl Extension
  • Script Timeout
  • Writable Folders

    Optionally available

  • Script Abolish Time (Unlimited)
  • Upload Restrict (10MB)
  • Post Max Size (10MB)
  • mb_substr() feature


Whenever you come by gotten bother with Caledonian PRO, please spend contact create in my profile. Don’t piece your URL on comment put. Moreover for those that sent abruptly mail about enhance put a question to, please set your win code on your message.


Sooner than Have confidence: Caledonian PRO just isn’t any longer a plugin or weblog. Demo entrance-terminate web page correct demo about Widgets. Abolish no longer request full weblog or web web site.

Please are trying and contact me earlier than unfavorable votes for those that’ve gotten bother with Caledonian PRO. Caledonian PRO already handed beta-tests, but there too many servers available and server differences, files superhighway files superhighway hosting settings / permissions just isn’t any longer imply script tainted. Please contact me for those that’ve gotten bother with usage I’m able to optimize of your Caledonian PRO along with your files superhighway files superhighway hosting settings if its imaginable.

Extra Tools


Now we come by spend Google translation for multi-language system. Sorry for dreadful translation but its would be huge to edit your language files. Moreover thank you for sending us the language files you are bettering.

Swap Logs


  • Widget remover added
  • SEO link option added (for non-mod_rewrite users)
  • Cramped construct fixes
  • Demo Mode Disabled
  • v2.4 to v2.5 migration patch incorporated


  • First release
$29 - Purchase