Contact Carry out 7 Paypal Pro – PHP Script Download

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Contact Carry out 7 Paypal Pro

Each and each contact comprise can own its own PayPal settings. When a contact comprise is enabled with PayPal, and the person submits the comprise this might ship the e-mail, as original, then auto-redirect to PayPal. Must you are searching out for to win payments with a comprise, you would prefer this plugin. This plugin is terribly versatile and highly customizable.


  • Smartly edifying with: Contact Carry out 7 Price Calculator – Impress Calculation plugin
  • Easy use
  • Working all version Contact comprise 7
  • Price Tax
  • Price Birth
  • Carry out objects might also be linked to the transport quantity discipline
  • Sing return URL per comprise
  • Sing homicide URL per comprise
  • In-constructed improve 25 currencies (PayPal currently helps 25 currencies)
  • PayPal checking out via SandBox
  • And extra…


Contact Carry out 7 plugin


22/October/2019: (version 1.7)
-Mounted: Microscopic worm

25/March/2019: (version 1.6)
-Added: Smartly edifying with WordPress 5.1.x
-Added: Smartly edifying with Contact Carry out 7 - Version 3.5.x

05/Might/2018: (version 1.4)
-Mounted: The designate is continuously $1.00

05/Might/2018: (version 1.3)
-Added: Skill take a examine

24/Mar/2018: (version 1.2)
- Mounted: Capture custom

30/01/2018: (version 1.1)
- Mounted: Microscopic

30/09/2017: (version 1.0)
- Version 1.0 Preliminary Delivery
$20 - Purchase