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Contact Plan new expertise



This contact win is with out doubt one of many safest forms of email sending that you just presumably can combine into your utility, it is whole, correctly developed, and respects the known easiest practices in expose to make certain its repairs and its evolution.

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  • Chunky ASP.NET MVC with Razor and ViewModel binding
  • Chunky Ajax name
  • Primarily based fully on Bootstrap responsive vogue
  • You can ship email with one or more linked details
  • Obtain a copy of the email sent
  • Download the email sent in PDF layout
  • Use of Google’s new reCAPTCHA “I’m not a robotic” to give protection to you from insist mail
  • A versatile jQuery loading overlay page
  • JQuery Client facet validation
  • Validation for required fields, email address and want of characters entered within the message min and max
  • Abstract validation win
  • Confirmation email message in modal dialog
  • Chunky code library to ship email with Gadget.Fetch.Mail title place apart
  • Easy configuration of email and SMTP settings within the “net.config” file
  • Source code paunchy documented
  • Layered pattern
  • Natty code with defensive coding conception
  • Turnkey email sending win
  • Respect the safe in vogue

Getting Started

Technology Capabilities

  • C# language .NET Framework 4 or above
  • Visual Studio 2012/2013 or above
  • Have to bear Nuget equipment supervisor installed in Visual Studio if decrease than VS2017
  • For Visual Studio 2010 you should set up MVC4 equipment
  • MS IIS 6/7
  • Rotativa library for changing HTML to PDF

Contained within the Mission

The project is developed in layer, it incorporates 3 layers :

Contact form new Generation v2 - 1

  • UI Layer: that characterize the ASP.NET MVC project
  • Service layer: that characterize the email sending class library
  • Info contract layer: that characterize details transfert object ancient to high-tail message between layers

Birth the Application

  • Unzip project file
  • With MS Visual Studio, Birth the *.sln file
  • Staunch-click on on ContactUs project and click on on Region as startup project menu
  • Rebuild the solution
  • You desire to configure email and SMTP parameters befor test sending email, high-tail to Configuring part to establish


Electronic mail Settings

In expose to ship email to recipient, you should self-discipline the finest cost in configuration file :

  • Originate Web.config file in ContactUs net project
  • In appSettings part self-discipline the correcte cost for nameTo and emailTo Keys
  • nameTo key : Region the recipient’s Title
  • emailTo key : Region the recipient’s email address


SMTP Settings

Here it’s critical step, you should self-discipline SMTP parameters to enable utility ship email, you presumably can utilize Gmail SMTP provider through your Gmail fable, click on here for more critical points.

  • Originate Web.config file in ContactUs net project
  • Lunge to smtp part underneath>mailSettings part
  • host attribute : Region your host(mail server) title
  • port attribute : Region host port number that enable you ship email
  • userName attribute : Region your mail server fable/userName/login that allow you to to join to your mail server provider
  • password attribute : Region your mail server password that allow you to to join to your mail server provider


Captcha Settings

On this version we utilize the google reCaptcha V2, please consult with this link for more critical points click on in following link What’s reCAPTCHA?.

  • Register your net reveal material on Google recaptcha and win your two keys : Set Key and Secret Key. Click on here win more critical points
  • Integrate Google reCAPTCHA JS API to your net reveal material
  • Build your Set Key within the HTML, Pick on 1
  • Build your Secret Key on net config file, Pick on 2
  • You can Enable or Disable Captcha by environment the associated rate “EnableCaptcha” key cost on net config file, blooming to enable captcha and pretend to disable it. Pick on 3.
Pick on 1

@Html.ValidationMessageFor(m => m.Captcha)
Pick on 2

Pick on 3




v1.0 it’s the initial version of the project


  • Integrate page loader each and every Ajax name
  • Fix worm : reload contact scrutinize after sending email with Ajax
  • Fix of youth bugs

Contact form new Generation v2 - 2

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