EU Energy Ticket for WooCommerce – PHP Script Download

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The EU Energy Ticket plugin for WooCommerce permits you to with out complications add class rating pictures and labels to gift or unusual product listings.

In the occasion you non-public an e-commerce resolution who deals with any one amongst the 28 EU member states, YOU NEED TO INTEGRATE THE EU ENERGY LABEL on all your products. By no longer doing so you chance receiving hefty fines.

Even can comprise to that you’ll want to well well possibly be no longer within the EU and are no longer required by legislation to state the label and sophistication rating why no longer offer this additional allotment of files to your customers? Doing so helps your customers make a decision on doubtlessly the most energy atmosphere accurate equipment which in turn could well well form better gross sales by greater informing your customer irascible.

EU Energy Label for WooCommerce - 1
EU Energy Label for WooCommerce - 2

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