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Contain you considered ad screens in your native market or drug retailer? How make they know which adverts to play when? How make they describe on how step by step which adverts performed? What occurs when your database or adverts get corrupted?

Easy – SimpleAds is the resolution for providing your trade with air time income.

With aspects such as automated backups, an automatic shopper updater for when unique variations are launched, Excel experiences, .MP4 and JPG pink meat up, SimpleAds is the supreme resolution for your shopper’s wants.

SimpleAds is a .NET application that lets within the actual person to get, agenda and describe on
adverts performed on a host machine. A internet provider is on hand with cloud backup and
restore functionality. The accumulate provider shall be ancient to update the shopper application when a unique
version is launched. The unique version is downloaded and effect aside in robotically upon particular person
affirmation. Users are also ready to backup their database and adverts within the community within the event that they realizing on
migrating to any other host machine. They would possibly be able to copy the backup file and restore it on the unique

SimpleAds became once developed for a single shopper-to-server relationship. It is no longer supposed to hold
extra than one purchasers with a single server or vice-versa. Even though it’d be easy to place in power this


  • Impact and agenda adverts
  • Easy, easy-to-exercise UI
  • Cloud & native backups
  • Abstracted records access layer
  • Generate Excel experiences
  • Auto update component
  • Automated electronic mail experiences
  • Async upload and hold
  • Web API provider included
  • Windows Provider included
  • Installer project included
  • Supply code included


  • EasyAds (Windows Forms project)
  • EasyAds.Framework (Class Library project)
  • Files Companies:
  • EasyAds.Database.SQLServer (SQL Server Database project)
  • EasyAds.DataProvider.SQLServer (Class Library project)
  • EasyAds.DataProvider.SQLite(Class Library project)
  • Export plugins:
  • EasyAds.Plugins.ExcelExporter (Class Library project)
  • Installer:
  • EasyAds.Uninstaller (Installer project)
  • EasyAds.Setup (Installer project)
  • Server:
  • EasyAds.Web (ASP.NET Web Utility project)
  • EasyAds.Web.Framework (Class Library project)
  • Provider:
  • EasyAds.Provider (Windows Provider .NET Framework)
  • Instruments:
  • EasyAds.AutoBackup (Windows Forms project)
  • EasyAds.AutoUpdater (Console application project)
  • EasyAds.WebClient (Windows Forms project)
  • Utilities:
  • EasyAds.Utilities (Class Library project)


Entails 28-pages detailing the next:

  1. Revision
  2. Introduction
  3. Challenge construction
  4. Stipulations
  5. Client installation
  6. Server installation
  7. Databases
  8. Running the appliance
  9. Advert reduction logic
  10. Backup and restore logic
  11. Export logic
  12. Database construction
  13. Testing online backups
  14. Testing unique update
  15. Testing provider
  16. third celebration licenses

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