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Slider Revolution jQuery Plugin
Visual Editor Addon
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Slider Revolution jQuery Visual Editor Addon

Are you taking a see to originate the lots of the fleshy visual editing energy of our Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin WITHOUT the exhaust of WordPress?

Whenever you happen to don’t dangle the answer to exhaust WordPress to your server or agreeable don’t are looking to, the Slider Revolution jQuery Visual Editor Addon which (most productive) works in conjunction with our Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin is the right decision.

PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 5.0+
These requirements are default facets of nearly all net hosters.

Slider Revolution HighlightsSlider Revolution Highlights

Building sliders has by no formulation been more straightforward!
Even when Slider Revolution is carrying a formidable quantity of alternatives, even beginners will put collectively to discover heavenly shows with our unique, extra intuitive workflow.

  • Textual assert, Image, Video, Shortcode, HTML Recount material Layers
  • Total Graphical User Interface
  • Custom Trip Recount material for diversified Devices
  • Stout Elevate watch over over Kinds, Animations, Transitions

Fully Responsive Solution

We made sure that Slider Revolution looks to be huge and is intuitive to exhaust on every tool, be it desktop computer programs, pills or smartphones.

  • Works on Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets & Smartphones
  • Optimised for Android & Apple Devices
  • Custom Trip Recount material for diversified Devices
  • Fallback Alternatives for Cell Devices

Correct Multi-Media Recount material

We desire Slider Revolution to integrate into your net page as seamlessly as that you may perchance possibly presumably agree with. Why no longer repeat any assert with it?

  • Standard Image Trace with Bulk Upload
  • HTML5, YouTube & Vimeo Video Give a boost to
  • Customary Social Media Recount material Stream

Navigation Clothier

You salvage hundreds navigation types for bullets, arrows, tabs & thumbnails with Revolution Slider. The kicker is that you may perchance possibly presumably now without direct alter or discover your discover sets of navigation ingredients!

  • Arrows, Bullet, Tab, Thumbnail Navigation
  • An entire bunch “Able to Exercise” Kinds included
  • Markup and Model Builder with Preview
  • Export your discover Navigation Sets!

We acquire Security Severely

Our Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin used to be audited by expert researchers at to originate sure that it’s no menace to the safety of your WordPress net page.

  • 100% Stable WordPress Plugin
  • New Update Notifications thru the Backend
  • Continuously Maintained ThemePunch Quality

Optimized Performance

Ravishing looks to be aren’t the total lot, so we made sure that
Slider Revolution furthermore loads lightning rapidly!

  • Loaded core file size automatically scales with ragged facets
  • Vivid Lazy Loading alternatives
  • SEO Optimization
  • Video display and optimize all aspects of your sliders
  • Evolved Debugging Alternatives

Plugin Version / CompatibilityPlugin Version / Compatibility

  • Version delivery Date 25.07.2018
  • jQuery 1.7.x – jQuery 1.10.x and jQuery 2.+ Like minded

PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 5.0+
These requirements are default facets of nearly all net hosters.
Discuss over with our detailled FAQ Location

Alternatives to this ProductImaginable choices to this Product

Plugin FeaturesSlider Revolution Aspects

The Technology

Our premise is “less is extra” and that’s reflected in the structure of our ingredients. In uncover to incorporate so worthy functionality into our plugins, we originate sure the total lot is make as modular as that you may perchance possibly presumably agree with.

  • Fully Responsive & Cell Particular Aspects
  • jQuery 1.7 – jQuery 2.x Supported
  • Lightning Swiftly Greensock Animation Engine
  • Highly efficient API functions
  • Neat Font Loading

Basic Alternatives

We desire Revolution Slider with the procedure to fulfill all slip based roles alongside with particular functionality fancy carousels and hero blocks. Whenever you happen to can’t salvage a declare characteristic, in actual fact feel free to demand us!

  • Hero, Carousel and Basic Slider Aspects
  • All Sizes Imaginable (Stout Responsive + Innovative 4 Level Evolved Sizes)
  • Fullwidth, Fullscreen, Auto Responsive Slider sizes
  • Unlimited Sliders per page
  • Image BG Duvet, Have, Tiled, Alignment, and lots others.
  • WYSIWYG Sprint & Fall Editor
  • Published / Unpublished Slides
  • Put up slides per predefined Dates
  • Straightforward and Evolved Lazy Loading for Faster and SEO Optimized Slider Open up
  • Link and Actions on Slides
  • Parallax Effects, fleshy customizeable, combine with Ken Burns and other effects (Mouse / Scroll managed)
  • Improved Light weight Ken Burns Effects (more straightforward & sooner)
  • World Premiere for stepped forward Action Building
  • Accumulate Social Stream based Sliders
  • Fleet and Easy constructing per Slider, Trip and Layer Templates
  • Performance Video display and better Performance Ideas
  • Viewport based Trip Loading and Growth
  • Develop Slider Defaults, Reset, overwrite single Settings due all slides
  • Build Trip, Slider, Layer, Animation as Template

Layer Capabilities

Layers dangle developed from straightforward layers to alter into extremely efficient scene constructing instruments!
Sprint and Fall, Customize & Animate your formulation to your ideally salubrious slider.

  • Animation Builder
  • Sizable Sequence of Imaginable Transitions
  • Develop your personalized animations
  • Residing Open up / Break Time, Flee, Ease and Effects of any Layers
  • Trace/masks layers on Slider Effects, Events, Actions
  • Add Unlimited Sequence of Layers
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Self-Hosted HTML5 Videos, Shapes, Buttons, Predefined Buttons as Layer
  • Residing actions and hyperlinks per Layers
  • Mix Actions over diversified Layers and slides
  • Chance to Link to a Particular Trip thru Layer
  • Toggle Animation, Classes, video functions thru Layers
  • Variable Layer Image Sizes, fleshy responsive and/or Tool Size based
  • Create your Layers for diversified Tool sizes after your wants
  • Chance to Conceal Layers on Any Devices

Slider Navigation

We have conducted nearly all navigation types you may perchance possibly presumably agree with, that may perchance possibly presumably well be aligned anyplace on the stage.
Be in fleshy management with Slider Revolution Navigation!

  • Bullet, Button, Tabs and Thumbnail Navigation, single or blended mode. Any narrate fancy outter,internal, aligned and lots others.
  • Left/Loyal, Prime/Bottom Mouse Scroll events.
  • Vertical/Horizontal Keyboard actions
  • Cell Touch Enabled (Now now not fundamental)
  • Sprint and Pull Carousel Characteristic
  • “End Trip Timer on Fly” Characteristic
  • Auto-Hiding of Navigation with Prolong Chance
  • Now now not fundamental Countdown Timer Line
  • Residing narrate, colour, size of Time Line
  • Residing size, visibility, amount and behavior of Thumbs, Tabs, Bullets, Arrows
  • Conceal / Enable Navigation on Cell Devices
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Esteem Navigation Skins with Slider Preview

Video Aspects

  • AutoPlay – Continuously, most productive first time, skip first time, look ahead to action
  • End video on Blur, Play Video most productive in ViewPort
  • Rewind, or support newest progress time
  • Residing Open up and Break time
  • Loop, “Loop and Growth” Trip
  • Fullscreen, fullwidth, boxed
  • Navigation facets
  • Action based management (thru other layers)
  • New Video API, Events and Strategies to controll media outdoor of the Slider

Recount material Sources

Slider Revolution is no longer agreeable your unique image & video slider to any extent extra. Now you may perchance possibly presumably furthermore pull the sliders assert from smartly-liked social media steams.

  • Custom-Accumulate Recount material
  • Fb
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr
  • Instagram

Accumulate Eager!

Is there a characteristic you may perchance possibly presumably fancy to see?
We can combat thru all of your feedback weekly and accumulate doubtlessly the most requested facets to be included in a future update!
Contact us thru our Profile Originate

Press CommentaryPress Commentary

“Revolution Slider is an all around awesome plugin, and may perchance possibly presumably be a solid addition to any enviornment.”

”…all I’m able to notify is WOW. I’m able to in actual fact utter that I haven’t had as worthy fun with, or been blown away by the fantastic and expertise of any plugin/slider/net page constructing instrument in…ever??”
( – “A see on the Revolution Slider – Steve Jobs may perchance possibly presumably be proud”)

“That is my accepted Slider plugin exquisite now – props to Theme Punch for bringing us this one.”
(Blogging Wizard)

“I totally enjoyed testing and the exhaust of this plugin, and extremely counsel it to all these of you who’re procuring for a slider plugin, specifically while you happen to opinion to consist of some layer-based animation facets to your slides.”
(WP Mayor)

Recommendation #1

Usage in Themeforest ThemesUtilization in Themeforest Subject matters

Whenever you happen to will dangle to exhaust the Slider Revolution jQuery Visual Editor Addon & Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin within a Theme offered on ThemeForest accumulate ONE prolonged license of BOTH plugins for EACH theme (as prolonged as there isn’t any Developer License on hand) you effect on the marketplace! Whenever you happen to dangle gotten questions about this agreement please
Contact us Right here

Ressources / CreditsRessources / Credit score

Update HistoryUpdate Historical past

Version StarPath (19th July 2018)


  • Eradicated model quantity from login masks
  • Changed inclusion of JS and CSS asssets of Add-Ons on frontend and in export to HTML


  • Fixed empty px values of line-hegiht and font-size that shatter validation
  • Fixed extra px added to p.c worth of max-with and min-width
  • Fixed login direct with passwords containing declare characters
  • Fixed inital image size in add image layer
  • Fixed install Add-On url

Version 5.4.8 StarPath (20th June 2018)


  • Fixed YouTube BG video no longer loading in most cases in the most contemporary Chrome
  • Fixed Vimeo video no longer working as slip background
  • Fixed unsuitable Vimeo Layer narrate on slip trade
  • Fixed unsuitable size for fleshy-size HTML5 Video in carousels


  • YouTube movies now loaded from
  • Videos that autoplay will most certainly be muted automatically in Chrome, Safari & cell

Version StarPath (19 April 2018)


  • Fixed a Worm the effect a trade of Trip Size in Trip Basic Settings detrimental influences Default Transition Time
  • Added ”;” to themepunch.instruments.min.js file to protect far from factors by chaining files
  • Added ”;” to Slider Initialisation to protect far from factors by minimising files
  • Fixed ForceRewind Video option, which can now reset Video Location ahead of the Layer shown to protect far from Body jumps
  • Fixed and tailored to unique Instagram API result layout
  • Fixed line breaks in depricated static css

Version StarPath (20th February 2018)


  • Additional fixes for DOMContentLoaded factors the effect doc height used to be no longer properly calculated at delivery up
  • Fixed template list bug – convert addons object to array
  • Fixed empty thuymbnail provide when no thumbnail image on hand

Version 5.4.7 StarPath (12th February 2018)


  • Added skill to uncover Static Layers unhurried Trip assert
  • Added CSS pointer-events option for Trip Layers


  • Now fetching better fantastic YouTube Video Poster
  • Eradicated requirement of Mcrypt library for compatibility with PHP 7.2
  • Eradicated exhaust of session from slider embedding


  • Fixed DOMContentLoaded factors and prolonged with drop reduction on Doc Ready Recount to give a boost to Deferred
  • Fixed Instagram Author no longer exhibiting properly
  • Eradicated create_function() to retrieve compatibility with newest PHP variations
  • Fixed Instagram Recount material/Title no longer exhibiting properly
  • Fixed Safari 11.0 HTML5 Audio File Playback on frontend
  • Fixed Twitter Recount material Textual assert no longer exhibiting
  • Fixed last Vimeo Video API Points
  • Fixed Color Picker Widget Trace Teach
  • Fixed HTML5 Audio direct for Safari 11
  • Fixed revapi.revstart() direct
  • Fixed Twitter Image direct with tweets over 168 characters
  • HotFix Instagram API direct
  • Fixed undefined index understand in colour picker when colour is 3 digits and not using a hash

Version StarPath (14th November 2017)


  • Added “playsinline” give a boost to for Safari 11 video


  • Fixed Instagram API direct
  • Fixed Vimeo autoplay direct
  • Fixed muted YouTube playing transient sound direct

Version StarPath (19th October 2017)


  • Added action to put collectively the plugin for upcoming AddOns


  • Fixed update characteristic
  • Fixed text typos
  • Fixed TGM and unique activation factors
  • Fixed captions installation direct
  • Fixed HTML5 Video autoplay for Safari 11

Version 5.4.6 StarPath (28th September 2017)


  • Added autoplay functionality for HTML5 movies on cell
  • Added loadbalancing functionality for added steadiness of top rate facets


  • Eradicated Defer, Load All and Do to Body JavaScript alternatives


  • Fixed top rate popup dialog in no longer registered plugin
  • Eradicated WP Meta Generator designate
  • Added lacking photos to export to HTML
  • Fixed add video button text and challenge with opening add video dialog
  • Fix for colour picker bug when colour is 6 digit quantity without hash

Version StarPath (18th August 2017)


  • Added Climate Add-On.
  • Added Panorama 360 Add-On.


  • Replaced jQuery(doc).on(‘ready’, ) with jQuery(doc).ready()
  • Added itsy-bitsy print of upload error on Media Library
  • Improved first time loading of template slider photos
  • Updated Google Fonts list


  • Fixed bug importing file with uppercase extensions to Media Library.
  • Fixed bug with lacking Add Slider buttons on sliders Overview page.
  • Fixed Export to HTML button on Edit Trip and Slider pages on itsy-bitsy decision.
  • Fixed installation bug when keep in in folder containing install string.
  • Fixed warning for Object Library favorites list.
  • Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.3 in ColorPicker class.

Version 5.4.5 StarPath (18th July 2017)


  • Residing Parallax BG and Layers Flee/Prolong Globally self reliant. 15 Levels Depth tranquil on hand !
  • Added Color Animation Attributes fancy Background and Font Color for Shape and Textual assert Layers
  • Added Brightness Filter Attribute for Idle, Fly, Open up and Break Animation frames to give unique Effects on Layers
  • Added Grayscale, Brightness, Blur Trip Transitions in diversified Combos
  • Added action revslider_preview_slider_footer to be ragged by unique AddOn Earlier than/After


  • Fixed HTML Export gradiants no longer working properly
  • Fixed YouTube and Vimeo Video Rewind direct on reenter declare slides.
  • Fixed Toggle FullScreen Mode the effect YouTube and Vimeo Videos had been no longer Play from now on
  • Ken Burn Trip Build Points initially Trip Alternate has been mounted
  • First Lined BG Video in some Templates and Subject matters had been caclualted on the inferior Prime Indecent. Teach is mounted due a double name on setSize at making ready the Video
  • Safari Scroll, 3D and Blur Effects with lacking layers Worm has been mounted by in conjunction with a support-3d change into vogue on Parallax Wrap level to the most contemporary layers
  • Image Filters on Ken Burn Interesting BG Ingredients are working now lovely. FireFox remains to be a tiny Laggy if CSS Filters are enabled on Ken Burn Ingredients
  • Fixed Responsive Levels no longer working properly in definite constellations
  • Fixed Background Default Quantity Settings in Backend
  • Fixed Rotation factors on Trip Essential Image transitions (fancy Field Slot Animation Turned around)
  • Updaed Colorpicker JS to repair some factors with Growth Bar.
  • Fixed HTML5 quantity no longer beeing written
  • Changed Google Fonts | to %7C for HTML/CSS Validation
  • Fixed several typos
  • Fixed double uncover of Trip Edit tab on Trip Editor
  • Fixed challenge with names of CSS types starting with quantity

Version StarPath (17th Would possibly perchance 2017)


  • Introducing jQuery.fn.getRSVersion() and jQuery.fn.getRSVersion(upright) functions to salvage Core and all Loded Module Version numbers.
  • InLine Play of HTML5 Videos on Android and on iOS are supported


  • Typo in API descriptions removed


  • Fixed Quite lots of Typos
  • Fixed Instagram bug, the effect Slides would no longer repeat if maximum entries are better than what used to be fetched
  • Fixed Deep Linking in Carousel Slider
  • Fixed Teach the effect YouTube Video Background in End / Break Mode reveals the Default YouTube Duvet image relatively than the Predefined poster Image
  • Fixed Sinister Navigation Path / Thumbnail Pictures on Arrow Navigation in some roughly Cases
  • Fixed Disable on Cell no longer working if Slider used to be added thru a Widget
  • Fixed FadeFromRight Animation
  • Fixed RevKill() Bugs and updated Focal point/Blur facets which can most productive triggered as soon as. Blur Focal point Listener will furthermore known as as soon as per DOM relatively than per Slider
  • Fixed Columns Margin calculation. Columns now can also simply be completely spaced with the 4 level margin and padding attributes
  • Fixed Column BG Animation and Location Calculations.
  • Fixed Fb API Teach
  • Fixed export to HTML for resources declared in json attributes.
  • Fixed Notices of undefined variables that can happen after updating

Version 5.4.1 StarPath (24th March 2017)


  • Added Blur Build on Ken Burn Animation. Open up and Break Label can also simply be defined
  • Added Letter Spacing on Multiple Levels
  • Introducing unique Layer animations: Block Animation (left,exquisite,prime,bottom)
  • Introducing a brand unique Color Picker which allows to accumulate Alpha Values and Gradient Colours as properly
  • Communique with ThemePunch servers now most productive thru SSL
  • Added a characteristic to allow autoplay HTML5 Videos on Android Devices furthermore
  • Added SEO note/nofollow solution to straightforward hyperlink actions
  • Added Prick up Animation Path fancy forwards, backwards, heart to edge, edge to heart, random
  • Random Prick up Transitions will calculate on demand Random values per Splitted component
  • Added Prick up Animation Cycles to discover Animation patterns on Splitted ingredients
  • Added Export to HTML to header navigation.


  • Added a brand unique Chance to enable/disable Desktop Swipe functions. This also can simply let you enable Swipe on Cell Devices, and tranquil originate Recount material Selectable on Desktop Programs
  • Added update of file/dir permissions on file operations.
  • Updated WP plugin hyperlinks to visual editor hyperlinks
  • Eradicated empty vogue designate if no personalized css
  • Added isSliderExist characteristic to embedder
  • Added filter in html export to direction of result html
  • Added ahead of / after actions for delete slip
  • Added extra recordsdata below slider title in sliders list
  • Added skill to manipulate slider actions in sliders list
  • Added error mesage and reloading on template import fail
  • Added update of file/dir permissions on file operations.
  • Extended html export characteristic for better export management
  • Added actions to slip model to take care of slider update match
  • Improved image library


  • Fixed Colorpicker Points the effect inferior ragged Color values broke the Convert direction of and detrimental influenced the Trip Editor
  • Fixed Scroll Below bugs
  • Fixed an Teach the effect Template Slides is doubtlessly no longer added due the Trip Editor due some License Code factors
  • Fixed some GUI Points
  • Fixed Worm with Slider Alias will now not set
  • Points with background image url in export files has been mounted
  • Extended Max. Trip Time to Unlimited
  • Fixed Trip Timeline Bar Visual Build on Trip Size trade match
  • Worm mounted the effect “Prick up Out Animation” breaks none “Prick up In Animation” on Layers
  • Fixed bugs with SVG Stroke Animation / Coloring on Straightforward Idle, and on Idle/Fly space
  • Crew Embeded Layer Timing factors has been mounted. Out / In Animation Time factors had been inferior calculated in some roughly cases
  • Fixed guzzle library php 7 class warning
  • Fixed tabs name css bug in html export
  • Fixed delete slip error in slip editor.
  • Fixed admin preview error uncover in case of power fullwidth enabled.
  • Fixed lacking whiteboard svg files in export to html
  • Fixed php warning with empty plugin folder
  • Changed [] to array() to repair php errors for model ahead of 5.3.7
  • Fixed lacking consist of of Poly addon resources in export to html
  • Eradicated extra prick from addons consist of resources url
  • Fixed inferior url to svg in entrance pause.
  • Fixed js errors on slider settings page when hovering controls.
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