Spring Ninja Sport – (Ads + Sport Center + iAP) – PHP Script Download

Author: CodingLyftPrice: $15

Spring Ninja Bunny (cocos2d-x)


Spring Ninja Bunny is an addictive puzzle game wherein you’ve to press, take and inaugurate on the prison moment so that the bunny lands on some other column safely. At any time while you land on some other column safely, you get a level.


  • Universal Sport (iPhone & iPad)
  • Developed in Cocos2d-x
  • Sport Center & Leaderboards implemented
  • AdMob & Chartboost implemented
  • In-App Purchases (Ads Elimination)


The game is with out yell customizable and there is a effectively-written documentation file that helps you loads. We don’t offer customization provider however we can enable you tweak some belongings you’ve.

$15 - Purchase