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StockPile - Complete Inventory and Order Management System - 1


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What is StockPile?

  • StockPile makes the strategy of managing a list primarily based entirely mostly enterprise out of the ordinary less complicated.
  • Your complete inventory, orders and potentialities managed and accounted for in a single location.
  • Your complete merchandise managed in a single location. It’s straightforward, efficient and straightforward to preserve watch over.
  • come to compose gross sales and take orders.
  • Stocks, warehouses, currencies, taxes and worth-lists in a single machine, not on spreadsheets.
  • Collaborate with your complete team the usage of permissions for every and each member.
  • Set the time you use on job and exercise it to derive recent opportunities.

Demo Spot recordsdata:

URL: http://stockpile.techvill.web

Admin Login:
username  : admin@techvill.web
password   : 123456

URL: http://stockpile.techvill.web/customer

Buyer Login:
username   : customer@techvill.web
passwrod    : 123456













With out affirm prepare your potentialities, compose loads of Branches. Clients dwelling is totally separated from the admin dwelling. Clients comprise their fetch panel with all monetary recordsdata from your organization equipped in sure leer.

Sales Repeat

StockPile enables you to preserve in discover your Sales Repeat, invoices, Payments, Shipments and generate reports. Invoice with diverse tax in step with item.

Stock Withhold a watch on

Withhold away from stockouts, make suggested reorders and procure computerized inventory stage updates each time gross sales and purchases are made. With Stockpile, you will also be ready to alter inventory correct by strategy of loads of warehouses and in loads of currencies.

Sales Stories

Entry and generate gross sales reports that offer honest insights for higher, extra suggested enterprise decisions each time and wherever, all in accurate time.

Stock Optimization

Stockpile enables you to gradually comprise the just quantity of inventory, on the just time. Never over inventory or below inventory your inventory again.


Set time and be definite recordsdata accuracy whereas you compose take orders that change inventory stages robotically.

Multi Warehouse

Put together your inventory efficiently correct by strategy of loads of warehouses and areas all on a single platform.

Repeat Success

Stockpile enables you to automate and preserve watch over your articulate success, combine areas and processes, execute each and each step needed within the workflow, and comprise visibility of the total job. Now you’ll seemingly be ready to meet orders faster, in greater quantity and at decrease costs.

Repeat Management

Amplify your on-line enterprise effectivity of facing orders with our articulate administration tool that makes it easy to trace and fulfill orders.

CRM (Buyer Relationship Management)

Stockpile enables you to myth potentialities’ take historic past and fundamental facets about their preferences, so you’ll seemingly be ready to realise their future behaviors higher. Billing fundamental facets, postal addresses, moderate take varieties and sizes, might per chance perchance simply moreover be recorded in a come that assists articulate administration and present them with a extra private journey.


An accounting machine that integrates seamlessly with your inventory and articulate administration machine. Automate your invoicing and execute greater visibility over costs and profits.

StockPile v-1.7: Could per chance well simply 2, 2018

Worm Fixing  : Buyer login affirm mounted
Worm Fixing  : tax quantity is added to Mac(Transferring avarage charge) calculation
Worm Fixing  : two digit components mounted in impress and tax
Worm Fixing  : Permission components on dashboard

Modification: Delete option for company logo
Recent Unprejudiced : Electronic mail attachment for Compile Prder PDF
Recent Unprejudiced : Filter for Compile Bought
Recent Unprejudiced : Electronic mail attachment for  Item Bought  PDF

StockPile v-1.5: November 21, 2017

Recent Unprejudiced: Compile obtained functionality for Purchese Repeat
             Ship take articulate by strategy of email 
             Calculate profit & loss primarily based entirely mostly  on  invoice for gross sales File
             email attachment for Payments, Shipments, Purchese Orders

StockPile v-1.3: April 20, 2017

Worm Fixing: Default Language setting affirm solved
Recent Unprejudiced: Graph added on Sales File.
Enchancment: Extra search alternate ideas added on Sales File 
             A. Each day foundation search
             B. Monthly foundation search
             C. Yearly foundation search
             D. Personalized search
Enchancment: Filter alternate ideas added in Sales Repeat, Invoice, Rate and Offer Module

StockPile v-1.1: February 21, 2017

Worm Fixing  : Translation of Languages 
Worm Fixing  : Bugs on dashboard mounted
Worm Fixing  : Graph components mounted on dashboard
Worm Fixing  : Worm fixing on Sales express and Sales historic past reports
Modification: Adjustments on PDF views
Recent Unprejudiced : Pay All option for invoice charge.
Recent Unprejudiced : Filter option added on Compile Checklist
Recent Unprejudiced : Compile File
Recent Unprejudiced : Group Contributors File
Enchancment : Item search

Initial Launch v-1.0: January 13, 2017

Initial Launch
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