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Whitelabel WordPress Theme & Plugin Options Panel - 1

Whitelabel WordPress Theme & Plugin Options Panel - 2

Whitelabel Theme & Plugin Alternatives Panel is a converse of the art script that enables developers as a device to add like a flash and simple highly effective alternate options to their WordPress Theme or Plugin. Whitelabel is mainly easy to exhaust and so like a flash that is ethical for every experienced developers and beginners.

With Whitelabel your themes or plugins will scrutinize stunning and users will in fact feel gay. The person interface became as soon as designed in deny that users will immediate operate it without programming skills important. Excellent person alternate options forms corresponding to quantity sliders, button groups, image groups, pick out containers with search, multi-pick out containers, all of them and heaps of numerous designed unswerving for person comfort.


  • 26 Risk Area Sorts
  • Seamless integration in WordPress (3.8+)
  • Built-in with WordPress Coloration Schemes
  • Limitless Pages and Alternatives
  • Limitless Backups & Restore
  • Lower than a minute activation
  • Unprecedented User Expertise
  • Flat & Up to date User Interface
  • Extraordinarily gentle-weight
  • WordPress proprietary functionality (Media Add, Coloration Picker)
  • 100% White Ticket

Prolonged License is required when procuring this for integration with future Theme Woodland or Code Canyon Merchandise.

For demo preview, please login here: http://demo.curlythemes.com/whitelabel-plugin/wp-admin

Username: demo
Password: demo

Documentation also can also be reviewed here: http://doctors.curlythemes.com/whitelabel/

Risk Fields:

  • Sections
  • Titles
  • Info Bins
  • Dividers
  • HTML Fields
  • Textual command Fields
  • Textarea Fields
  • Editor Fields (WordPress Editor)
  • Single Checkbox Area
  • Checkbox Checklist Area
  • Radio Buttons
  • Classic Steal Bins
  • Steal Bins with Search
  • Multi-Steal Bins
  • Switches
  • Add Fields (WordPress Media)
  • Mini-Add Fields (WordPress Media)
  • Number Fields (Slider)
  • Button Groups
  • Image Groups
  • Classic Typography Fields
  • Google Fonts Typography Fields
  • Coloration Picker (WordPress Coloration Picker)
  • iFrames
  • Abet-up & Restore Area
  • Reset Area
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